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Eric Medvet is a Assistant Professor at the University of Trieste in Italy, where he obtained his Phd in Computer Engineering. His research interests include Machine Learning and its application to computer- and engineering-related topics. He is also interested in computer security (in particular, automatic detection of web site defacements and phishing), document understanding, data mining and forecasting.


  • December 2008 - Assistant professor at DI3, Faculty of Engineering, University of Trieste
  • March 2008 - Doctorate (PhD) in Information Engineering from Univerity of Trieste, with a thesis titled "Techniques for Large-Scale Automatic Detection of Web Site Defacements"
  • July 2004 - Degree (Laurea quinquennale) in Electronic Engineering from University of Trieste with a thesis titled "Design and Development of a Replicated Web Server for Transactional Applications with High-Availability Constraints"
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