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Our study on ACM TOIT

posted Mar 31, 2010, 1:26 AM by Eric Medvet
We achieved the publication of our study on a top ranked journal: ACM Transaction on Internet Technology. The title of our paper is "A Framework for Large-Scale Detection of Web Site Defacements".
According to the editor, "the journal [ACM TOIT] has emerged as one of the premier venues in networking, web, security, and public policy research." Moreover, of the 32 ACM Transaction Journals, TOIT was recently rated as:
  • 7th most selective ACM Journal (27% accept rate)
  • 6th most cited ACM Journal per article (average 40 cites per article), behind ACM TOCS, TOSEM, TOCHI, TOIS, and TOPLAS
  • 5th most ACM Journal downloaded per article (248 average per article downloads).