I am an associate professor of computer engineering at the Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA), University of Trieste, Italy.

I am the head of the Evolutionary Robotics and Artificial Life Lab and the co-head of the Machine Learning Lab. I do research on Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, and their application to computer- and engineering-related topics. In the last years, I focused on Grammatical Evolution, a form of Genetic Programming, and on Evolutionary Robotics, in the context of Artificial Life and multi-agent systems.

I am one of the recipients of the Google Faculty Research Awards 2019 (nominated in February 2020). The funded project is on “representations and learning algorithms for highly reconfigurable modular soft robots”.

If you are a student (here at University of Trieste, or from another institution) and want to work with me, look at the web sites of my labs for finding thesis opportunities and then contact me.

Recent important publications #

  1. Conf Medvet, Pigozzi, Bartoli, Rochelli; Biodiversity in Evolved Voxel-based Soft Robots; ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO); 2021 (Best paper at complex systems track)
  2. Jour Talamini, Medvet, Nichele; Criticality-driven Evolution of Adaptable Morphologies of Voxel-Based Soft-Robots; Frontiers in Robotics and AI; 2021
  3. Jour Medvet, Bartoli, De Lorenzo, Seriani; 2D-VSR-Sim: a Simulation Tool for the Optimization of 2-D Voxel-based Soft Robots; SoftwareX; 2020
  4. Jour Manzoni, Bartoli, Castelli, Gonçalves, Medvet; Specializing Context-Free Grammars with a (1+1)-EA; IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (TEVC); 2020
  5. Conf Medvet, Bartoli, De Lorenzo, Fidel; Evolution of Distributed Neural Controllers for Voxel-based Soft Robots; ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO); 2020
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