Towards More Natural Social Interactions of Visually Impaired Persons




Sergio Carrato, Gianfranco Fenu, Eric Medvet, Enzo Mumolo, Felice Andrea Pellegrino, Giovanni Ramponi


Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (ACIVS), held in Catania (Italy)



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Abstract #

We review recent computer vision techniques with reference to the specific goal of assisting the social interactions of a person affected by very severe visual impairment or by total blindness. We consider a scenario in which a sequence of images is acquired and processed by a wearable device, and we focus on the basic tasks of detecting and recognizing people and their facial expression. We review some methodologies of Visual Domain Adaptation that could be employed to adapt existing classification strategies to the specific scenario. We also consider other sources of information that could be exploited to improve the performance of the system.