Understanding needs, identifying opportunities: ICT in the view of Universal Design




Ilaria Garofolo, Eric Medvet, Fulvio Babich, Giovanni Ramponi


2nd EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good (GOODTECHS), held in Venezia (Italy)



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Abstract #

This article provides food for thoughts elaborated by peer researchers who, basing on their studies and on current literature on relationships between Universal Design (UD) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), wish to share few key issues related to the challenges offered by the involvement of final users in designing product and services. Referring to approaches from different disciplines, key questions will be highlighted on which a debate could start, focused on the issue of promoting inclusion and how a close relationship among these different areas of knowledge can contribute to bridge the gap between the potential of new technologies and the real and diversified need by persons. Thus, actively contributing toward the empowerment of the community of belonging.