Less is More: A Call to Focus on Simpler Models in Genetic Programming for Interpretable Machine Learning




Marco Virgolin, Eric Medvet, Tanja Alderliesten, Peter A. N. Bosman


1st Workshop on Heterodox Methods for Interpretable and Efficient Artificial Intelligence (HMIEAI@HHAI), held in Amsterdam (Netherlands)



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Abstract #

Interpretability can be critical for the safe and responsible use of machine learning models in high-stakes applications. So far, evolutionary computation (EC), in particular in the form of genetic programming (GP), represents a key enabler for the discovery of interpretable machine learning (IML) models. In this short paper, we argue that research in GP for IML needs to focus on searching in the space of low-complexity models, by investigating new kinds of search strategies and recombination methods. Moreover, based on our experience of bringing research into clinical practice, we believe that research should strive to design better ways of modeling and pursuing interpretability, for the obtained solutions to ultimately be most useful.

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